On Farmers’ Markets, Community, and Never Astroturfing

Kombucha has always been a grassroots movement—homebrewers have passed SCOBYs on through friends and generations for hundreds of years. One of our brewers was given her first SCOBY 16 years ago in Vancouver, BC, and has not stopped brewing since. When you start selling kombucha, it’s not natural to deviate from the community focussed spirit of the brewing, which is why Dr. Kombu, itself both a registered farm and kombuchery, will always find its roots in farmers’ markets.

Farmers’ Markets are the antithesis to the Amazon era, and a necessary staple for both sustainable agriculture and community spirit. It’s where farmers and chefs, (customers and artisans, bakers and bankers, the young and the old…) meet to support and contribute to the strength of community. It’s where we form long-lasting friendships and where you tell us what you want. There is nothing more rewarding for a small business than this type of honest feedback, appreciation, and watching people try our booch for the very first time.

Year-round, we are regular vendors at the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market (Saturdays and Sundays), and the Wolfville Farmers’ Market (Saturdays and some Wednesdays). We are proud to say that we will once again be regular vendors at the Rural Roots Farm Market in our kombuchery’s home of New Ross after being a part of its inaugural season in 2017. We will also be vending once again casually this season at the Annapolis Royal Farmers’ Market. Here’s to 2018’s market season, and come see us right now at Halifax and Wolfville!

While enjoying the community related facets of markets, we have the ability to pour your kombucha in the faucets as you like it—by the litre in a growler, a glass, a clean jar, and (always) as a free sample. Bring your own clean growlers (any size) or buy one from us and save on both money and packaging. Of course, we also have bottles, with some imminent new flavours nearly ready to be released!

Thank you for supporting both us and our communities. We can’t wait to talk to you.

To your health!

-The Sòlas Team

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