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Black Cat Mead

​​The black cat is not unlike mead: she is enigmatic, beloved, playful, and has been the subject of lore and appreciation for centuries. Black Cat Mead embodies the tastes and aroma of the Annapolis Valley’s terroir - a testament to the diversity of our region’s crops and flora, the hard work of local pollinators, and the care given to each hive by small-batch ethical beekeepers.  

Black Cat Mead

Annapolis valley honey, filtered water, yeast. 6% ABV

Black Cat Original is the mead you didn’t know you needed. Floral and off-dry with nuanced aromas of honey and caramel, this gently sparkling mead is made with Annapolis Valley honey.

Image by Mae Mu

Black Cat Mead
Yerba Maté 

Black Cat Mead blended with Yerba Maté tea and lemon juice. 6% ABV

Image by Elisa Cobalchini

Black Cat Mead
Mixed Berry

Black Cat Mead blended with juice from
Nova Scotia's finest berries. 
6% ABV

Black Cat Mead is crafted with ethically sourced honey from the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia with no added flavours or chemical additives.


Black Cat Mead is proudly made in Nova Scotia, Canada.



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